The Orion line has wines, with indescribable aromas and fragrances, made from indigenous grape varieties and a varietal with controversial origins, Syrah.  These are fascinating wines, like the constellation they are named after, for which it is difficult to find words to describe them: they must be tasted!

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Brut Petillant bio

DOC Sicilia

Fresh, lively, delicate and explosive organic sparkling wine at the same time. The nose presents a broad bouquet of fresh flowers. Light and persistent perlage with a pleasant smoothness on the palate.

syrah – Nero d’Avola

DOC Sicilia

A blend that renews the international taste with the varietal typicality of Nero d’Avola. A wine with a deep red color, a nose with vanilla and forest fruit nuances and a full, robust and velvety taste.

Catarrato lucido

DOC Sicilia

From the vinification of polished Catarratto, a grape variety that expresses the typical cultivation of bright Sicily, comes this elegant wine, with an intense bouquet with floral hints, fruity and fresh and pleasant taste.